Tell Us Who Your Valentine Is and We Will Find The Perfect Gift

Goodbye red roses and chocolate-covered strawberries! Move aside lovers and betrothed! Valentine's Day is now all about spending time with the people you love and giving presents that celebrate their uniqueness. To give you an idea, WAUW has compiled a very special gift guide for all the special people in your life.

If your Valentine...has silly little ideas 

Does your special someone often send you 3AM texts about genius ideas, spontaneous haikus and shower thoughts? Help them treasure their imagination with this curious little googly eyed notebook.

If your Valentine... is pizza.
Yeah it's a little cheesy.. but still grate. Pizza never lets you down- and once again it will deliver with this dish towel!

If your Valentine... is your best friend
They need to remember what an amazing and ever-evolving human they are, even when you're not around! Gift them this little "Turns out...I'm tough as shit" coin purse with a little note inside on February 14th to make sure they don't forget.

If your Valentine...ghosted you
JK! This lovely pair of ghost earrings with a flower crown is more likely to be for a friend who loves spooky things.

If your Valentine... is a cat
Nothing will please them more than to see their hard work acknowledged with this dish towel they will gladly sit on.

If your Valentine's... work is beach
Dazzle them with a rainbow koinobori for their Mojo Dojo Casa house.

If your Valentine... is a pirate
Arg! Set sails, matey! Surprise them with this mind-blowing ship kite that will remind them of their one and only love: the ocean. They hope you like the plan.

If your Valentine... is a witch 
Show your respect and admiration with an entrancing convex mirror.

If your Valentine... is a fairy
No butterflies were harmed in the making of these charming butterfly frames.

If your Valentine... is a disco queen 
Do you have a friend that loves a pop of color and glitter in their home? Why not bring the party to their living room with a purple disco ball!

If your Valentine... is a coastal grandmother
February is not really the month for whites and linens, but come summer they will be the chiquest grandma on the coast in this Bleu Bayadere jacket from French designer MaPoesie.

If your Valentine... loves garlic more than you
It is more common than you know. Admit defeat and gift them this garlic cellar to show your support.  

If your Valentine... is a vampire
Show you care about their skincare needs with this amazing smelling SPF 30 Aloe Vera & Cucumber sunscreen.

If your a werewolf
These Moon Cycle Tile Stickers make not only for a cute home makeover but will also serve as a handy planner in the shower. They will take one look at this gift and exclaim: "Where have you been loca?"

If your Valentine... is a dog.
Why not immortalise their greatest achievements with this highly absorbent "Agent of destruction" tea towel? They swear they didn't do it.

If your Valentine...has very big hands
No more fidgeting around to open bottles! This oversized bottle opener is also great if you often misplace things.

If your Valentine...wanted to trip to Italy
Sorry mi amore: I did get the hint but this year it will have to be an artisanal oil bottle for your fancy olive oil. That's just as good, right?

If your a cottage core princess
They will never love you more than the day you gifted them a set of handmade knitted sheep handwarmers. Or perhaps until the day you get down on one knee with a handmade knitted ring.

If your Valentine...loves Highland cows 
Many people love Highland cows. Is your best friend one of them? Look no further than Hughie

If your a mermaid
In the Scarlett Box in Lilac with its shell detail, she can keep all her pearls and be reminded of home. 

If your Valentine... never lets go of your hand
Unlike beavers, wolves and bald eagles- otters don't actually mate for life. But like this otter egg cup, they sure enjoy a good amount of hand holding. For the vegans, we also have an otter salt and pepper set!

If your Valentine... is always cold
Nothing says I love you like "keep warm". Pick a pair of fingerless wool gloves in their favourite color so they can text you how much they love them later.

If your valentine... is your other half
Gift them this beautiful peas in pod beaded hanger along with a sweet little note! They will think of it every time they glance at it hanging from a closet door or a hook on the wall.

If your Valentine... is a silly goose
They will laugh at this goose vase and be reminded you appreciate their quirks! Please note: if your Valentine is an actual goose that is silly this may not be as appropriate a gift.

If your valentines... never orders their own food
..and ends up eating yours! Or they get hangry because they don't know what to eat. With a handy tote bag, they might even pack a lunch (that you made).


Don't forget to pair your gift with one of our amazing greeting cards and leave us a note at checkout if you want special valentines wrapping!

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